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Our Leather

Our leathers are tanned in the world's finest artisan tanneries.  We only use Full Grain and Top Grain leather for our cabinet pulls.
Full Grain refers to leather that has not been altered by sanding or buffing. Full Grain leather retains the grain layer, original texture and markings that naturally occur during the lifetime of the animal and create a one-of-a-kind look for each upholstered product. Examples are Oil Tanned Brown, Antique Brown and Heavy Pebble Grain Peanut.
Top Grain is also Corrected Grain leather. Top/Corrected Grain leather undergoes a light buffing process to better absorb dye and minimize the appearance of blemishes and natural leather markings on its surface. Corrected Grain leather is often preferred for use in projects where uniform color desired.  Examples are Small Pebble Grain Taupe, Embossed with Alligator prints and Top Grain Saddle.